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Product’s code: ZE-122

Describe: Pluszap, 30Watt, Aluminium

Dimension: 262x514x130

Average: 80m2

Tubes:  2x 15W

Voltage: 220/50Hz

Weight: 2.5 kg

Ultraviolet wavelength: 350-400nm

Warranty: 2 years

Origin: The United Kingdom


-The Pluszap insect lamp has proven to be remarkably powerful, saving energy, reducing time service costs throughout the entire process of using a product.

-Pluslamp Light lamp technology is more resistant to breakage, continuous light has a longer lifetime than conventional UV brittle lamps.

The anti-shatter lamp provides peace of mind in sensitive areas by retaining glass fragments if the tube is broken, without compromising human health.

-Pluslamp lamp is one of the lowest mercury UV lamps on the market. The revolutionary phosphor technology allows maximum output, making the lamp 100% efficient and 40% stronger than standard UV lamps.

-Compact packaging and protective case do not have much impact on the surrounding environment.

-Aluminium lamp housing is highly corrosion-resistant, highly oxidized and weather resistant, durable in both water, oil, acid, and high-temperature environments, so its service life is quite large.

-3750 Volt triangular grid instantly kills dead insects.

-The very simple insect-catching tray is easy to remove insects, clean quickly and safely, without falling out of the tray.

-Lamps are easy to replace, there are always replacement parts.

-Quick and simple flexible installation for walls, desks, or ceilings.

-Low power consumption, high efficiency.

-High performance combined with clean aesthetics. It is an ideal compact solution for home areas, commercial stores, food preparation areas, restaurant kitchens, bakeries, warehouses, food plants, supermarkets, hospitals…

Products designed by the UK meet European RoHS standards, CE mark and meet all relevant EU market standards. 

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