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THE INSECT KILLER LAMP KTP-40S (Challenge any products in the same segment)


Power: 40W

Material: Inox 304

Average: 120m2

Dimension: 62.5x12.5x31

Tubes: 2x18W

Weight: 6 kg

Warranty: 36months

Insect lamp KTP-40S is decorated with a 304 stainless steel coat to honor its strength and elegance, with the size of 62.5-12.5-31 KTP-40S. It has become the largest insect killer lamp in Vietnam with outstanding improvements in electrical safety and aesthetics.

On the criterion of not being afraid of rust, KTP-40S equips itself with a 304 stainless steel outer shell, helping businesses feel secure to use the product in a humid environment and having high salt, just wiping it lightly, the product is bright like new.

The honeycomb 304 stainless steel mesh form creates a more aesthetic and strong appearance and helps insects not to be cast out when they are on their duty.

The insect catcher underneath is used with fire-proof plastic, the insect lamp KTP-40S is designed higher and has a safety attachment to help the tray contain many insects and it is very difficult to fall to the ground.

The insect killer light equips for itself with a high-end circuit breaker to help the entire electrical system inside disconnect when having any electrical problems, KTP-40S helps the users always feel as safe as using.

The operation starter is made of pure copper pins, making the KTP40S durable and extending the life of auxiliary equipment such as tubes, circuits, transformers, ballast,…

According to European standards, the product is equipped with its own anti-broken light (UVA), the longevity of the light to 10,000 hours. It is covered with a layer of high-grade PE heat resistance, there will never occur a problem with debris falling out. It brings you a healthy and pollution-free environment.

With extremely high power of 3500V and extremely low amperage, KTP-40S helps kill insects completely, does not leave any stinking smell of dead insects. The power cord for light is imported from Europe with all kinds of electrical safety features…

These are external safety and aesthetic issues and there are many, many quality issues efficiency electrical safety inside…

It’s not being the best, but KTP-40S can not take second place in the 120ms segment with any other products in the world.

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