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Product’s code: KTP-30S

Material: Inox-304

Average: 80m2

Lamps: 2x15W (anti-broken lamp)

Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Glueboard: MSDS certificate



Warranty: 36 months



Customers are manufacturing enterprises, especially in the manufacturing and processing of Food, Seafood, Electronics, Apparel, Food stores, Restaurants, Hotels, supermarkets, etc surely always want to find the best method to protect and want to improve the quality of the product, so your current method is enough to bring the best effect yet?

If your production site has insects

What happens if an insect falls into your product?

What have you done to prevent the risk of insect that threatens product quality?

Do you want to create customers’ trust in the quality of your company’s products?

How did you act to show customers that your product always puts the quality first?

Your company have been striving to build and develop the brand, to achieve the certificate of Quality, Do you have measures for that goal yet?

What do you think if your products have insects..!

Are you concerned about the nutrition and health of your employees

What do you think if the cafeteria area, your cafeteria has the insects, how will employees think when insects come into your diet?

An effective solution is very simple

“Equip the device < Insect killer lamp> in production areas, office, warehouse, canteen...>”

Will definitely help customers:

-Improving more during manufacturing

-Improving product quality

-Increasing customer’s trust

-Creating a more prestigious brand and developing

-Easily obtain ISO certificates, food hygiene and safety certificates, etc.

-Ensuring the Health of all employees and increasing labor productivity.

Insect lamp to kill flies, mosquitoes, stickers, termites, insects with winged insects... very suitable in places of production food, office, warehouse, canteen areas, coffee shops Garden, Restaurant, Hotel, supermarket, school, hospital.,


Mechanism of action:

With the very preeminent feature of the product, the “Insect killer lamp” device, thanks to the special light of the Bulb, is able to attract insects from far to come and destroy them completely with sticky glue. 


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